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Logical Proof That Obama Will Ruin Our Nation IF Elected

August 28, 2008

J: Our government controls education
K: Our government controls health care
L: Our government lowers taxes
M: We develop a smaller government
P: Our government raises taxes
Q: We develop a larger government
R: Businesses will do better
S: America’s economy will do well
T: America’s unemployment will go up
U: America’s poverty level will go
V: Education will get worse
W: Health care quality will get worse
X: Americans will spend more money
Y: Obama is President
Z: McCain is President

P1: P -> (~R ^ ~X)  (if our government raises taxes, businesses will not do better and Americans will not spend more money)
P2: Q -> (J ^ K)    (if we develop a larger government, our government will control education and health care)
P3: ~R -> T         (if businesses do not do better, unemployment will go up)
P4: T -> U          (if unemployment goes up, poverty will go up)
P5: (R ^ X) <-> S   (America’s economy will do well if and only if businesses do better and Americans spend more money)
P6: L -> (R ^ X)    (if our government lowers taxes, businesses will do better and Americans will spend more money)
P7: M -> (~J ^ ~K)  (if we develop a smaller government, our government will not control education nor health care)
P8: J -> V          (if our government controls education, our education will get worse)
P9: K -> W          (if our government controls health care, our health care quality will get worse)
P10: Y -> (P ^ Q)   (because Obama stated he wants to raise taxes and build a larger government)
P11: Z -> (L ^ M)   (because McCain favors lower taxes and a smaller government)

If Obama is president:
1. P ^ Q            P10,modus ponens
2. P                1,simplification 
3. Q                1,simplification
4. ~R ^ ~X          2,P1,modus ponens
5. J ^ K            3,P2,modus ponens
6. ~R               4,simplification
7. T                6,P3,modus ponens
8. U                7,P4,modus ponens
9. ~X               4,simplification
10. J               5,simplification
11. K               5,simplification
12. [S]             assumption (indirect derivation)
13. [R ^ X]         12,P5,biconditional conditional
14. [R]             13,simplification
15. [~R]            6,repetition
16. ~S              14,15,contradiction
17. V               10,P8,modus ponens
18. W               11,P9,modus ponens
Therefore… ~R ^ ~X ^ W ^ V ^ ~S       6,9,16,17,18adjunction
(Businesses will not do better, Americans will not spend more money, Health care quality will get worse, Education will get worse, and America’s economy will not do well)

If McCain is president:
1. L ^ M            P11,modus ponens
2. L                1,simplification
3. M                1,simplification
4. R ^ X            2,P6,modus ponens
5. J ^ K            3,P7,modus ponens
6. R                4,simplification
7. X                4,simplification
8. J                5,simplification
9. K                5,simplification
10. S               4,P5,biconditional conditional
Therefore… R ^ X ^ S      6,7,10,adjunction
(Businesses will do better, Americans will spend more money, and America’s economy will do well)

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  1. Phillip permalink

    Out of curiosity do you have any hind sight comments?

    • Hi Phillip. I’ve made a resolution to stay apolitical from now on (at least on my blog). But if you really want to know…
      In hindsight, everything has been going as predicted (maybe worse). Our govt spending has hit record highs with little to no oversight. The deficit will realistically never be paid back. The dollar has been sinking. Unemployment is terrible. Our freedoms are being taken away. The scary part about it is that we are in the midst of a tech bubble and a mini real estate bubble (when times should be good). Imagine what will happen if/when that bubble bursts.

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