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Say Hi To My Instagram Bots

November 29, 2012

I like Instagram. I can do a hashtag search of “chevy” or “silverado” and stare at trucks all day. The problem is, I don’t have the time. I wish I could be more active on Instagram, but that is a luxury I do not have. If only I could automate my Instagram activity…

If only…

Ha! Are you kidding me? You bet I can automate my Instagram activity!

I want to create a bot that searches specific hashtags and likes each photo. Instagram has a web interface for viewing profiles, liking, and commenting. However, it is limited because it doesn’t allow you to search hashtags. That’s okay though. There are several independent websites that utilize the Instagram API to allow users to browse Instagram photos online; I can just abuse one of those.

First, I needed to choose one of the several Instagram web viewers:,,,, etc etc. I picked because there is minimal ajax and that makes my life easier.

Next, I needed to do some http post/get recon work like I did for the Facebook bots. Firebug proves very useful here.

I decided to write this bot in Python using the pycurl library. It didn’t take very long to build (a couple hours while watching TV?). First I tried running it against these hashtags: “linux”, “silverado”, “chevy”, “z71”. The bot did what I expected and liked all of the photos I would normally like. Nice! But then I started getting a little greedy and wanted to engage a lot more Instagramers (instagrammers?). So I looked for a list of the most popular Instagram hashtags. Here is a snippet of the list:

1. #love (+) 100,106,232 photos
2. #instagood (+) 72,788,208 photos
3. #me (+) 56,885,413 photos
4. #cute (+) 53,136,368 photos
5. #photooftheday (+) 52,173,843 photos
6. #tbt (+) 51,407,782 photos
7. #instamood (+) 48,298,484 photos
8. #iphonesia (+) 40,101,981 photos
9. #picoftheday (+) 39,740,152 photos
10. #igers (+) 39,234,496 photos
11. #girl (+) 38,888,469 photos
12. #beautiful (+) 38,754,532 photos

If I run each of these hashtags through my bot, I can engage a LOT of people! So I did exactly that…

It worked well. A little too well. I took a look at the list of “photos I liked”. With no discretion whatsoever, my bot liked everything! Not only did it like photos of scantily clad women (oops?), but it liked photos of topless men (wth!), and photos of underage girls and boys (Yikes! Why the heck are you kids on Instagram?). Oops… I swear it wasn’t me! It was my bot!

Now I feel like a creep. If I keep running the bot, I suppose I can gain lots of new followers… but at what cost? Looking like a creep. Is it worth it? Maybe.

I invite you to check out the source code if you’re looking to build and study bots. Download from github. Please don’t abuse this bot. The truth is, I like Instagram and I don’t want it to be saturated with spammers.

Instagram didn’t find my bot too amusing. They disabled my account and removed all my photos. Yes, I have the the direct URI for some of my Instagram photos (on S3) and even those stopped working. So… just a fair warning: If you’re trying to run this bot to get followers, you may end up losing your account. I only ran this bot for a full 2 days (and I was gaining 1-200 followers a day) before my account was disabled.

So my @cranklin account is gone and I’m starting from scratch with @crankerson 😦

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  1. Richard permalink

    Hey man, this looks sweet! If I were a total n00b, how exactly would I go about using this? Thanks!

    • What operating system are you using? All you need to do is open the python file, add your Instagram credentials and the hashtags you’d like to search… Then you execute the python script. Oh, make sure has permissions to your account first.

      • how do i insert the 20 sec delay, i’m not knowledgeable in these stuff. thanks

      • time.sleep(20)
        You would place that in the appropriate location depending on when you want it to sleep

      • rock28 permalink

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  2. Can you use this on windows?

  3. I get a error when trying to run it on mac? It says this: ImportError: No Module named pycurl

    and on windows I try running it and the command window opens instantly and then closes with some errors that I cant see because it goes too fast

    • Oh, that’s right. You’ll need to install pycurl first.
      Did you also create an account on

  4. Is pycurl available for windows and after I install it what do I do?

  5. Have you gotten a lot of likes and follows from this?

    • Instagram disabled my account after 2 days. I was getting a ton of likes and a little less than 200 followers a day.

  6. How do I install pycurl I’m a bit confused?

  7. I got pycurl installed Im getting this error now?

    • I can’t say for sure since I don’t have windows. Have you tried installing pycurl on the mac?

      • littlebigcesar permalink

        Oh you should of used a VPN so you wouldn’t of ot disabled and can you try adding a delay to the bought like 30 sec delay? Thats why you got disabled you gotta make it look like a real person and not a bot, also I installe linux as a virtual machine how can I try the bot there I dont know how to install it im new to linux.

      • I was running the bot off of an Amazon EC2 instance.

      • littlebigcesar permalink

        20 sec delay*

  8. How do I install pycurl on linux?

  9. Ok cool installed it but I’m getting another error I think its because doesn’t have access to my account? How do I let it have access?

    • Just go to and login with your instagram account and approve the app. Then you should be ready to go.

  10. On my mobile phone correct?

  11. I let it have access but I’m still getting this error?

  12. Am I suppose to run it in terminal?

  13. Do you run it in python or terminal?

  14. mrdapo permalink


    Sorry, I tried to follow your post but this kind of stuff is all new to me.

    I have a macbook running on 10.7.4

    I THINK I’ve installed python.

    Do you mind giving me a step-by-step for dummies as to how I can get the insabot to work.



    • Hi mrdapo. I only tested it on Linux but it should work fine on your macbook as long as you have python and pycurl installed. Also, don’t forget to register your username on before running the bot.

  15. This is awesome I been following for a while, and hopefully.. Just hopefully will jump out of noobville and be able to play with the source of things. Keep it up, v. Inspiring

  16. corey permalink

    What exactly does “your account has been rated” mean and how can I get the bot to run without getting this message after a few minutes?

    • The Instagram API rate limits everybody after a certain number of “likes”. The script sleeps and waits for that limit to be lifted.

  17. Walkingdead permalink

    I have been receiving these errors.

    buf = cStringIO.StringIO()
    -bash: syntax error near unexpected token `(‘

    What does that mean?

    • hmmm, try using StringIO instead of cStringIO. I’m not sure why you’re getting that error.

  18. joe permalink

    Have just tried to run this bot in terminal on my macbook after turning on python by typing “python” and pressing enter. My error however is this

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “”, line 2, in
    File “”, line 3, in main
    File “”, line 9, in like
    NameError: global name ‘pycurl’ is not defined

  19. Maverick permalink

    I can’t download pyurl…

  20. Joshua permalink

    Hey, first off your work is amazing! Love following up on your site. A buddy of mine turned me on to this instagram auto like bot, and you seem to be the most used for Mac πŸ™‚ so this is where I am stuck. I run the script in python and continuously get this notification. Any chances you would have the time to help me out?

    • Thank you Joshua! I noticed some users were getting syntax errors while trying to run the bot. The screenshot you posted made me understand why! The code is compatible with python 2 but not python 3. I believe it can be altered to work on python 3 interpreters with just a few changes. Perhaps you can make a branch off of the repository and make a python 3 version? This link may give you some pointers:

      • Joshua permalink

        AWESOME! Thanks for the help!

  21. Joshua permalink

    Now I’m getting a whole new string of errors.
    This is related to the installation of pycurl. Im not sure if im doing it correctly, should I do something other than open the file provided by pycurl?
    This is related to the actual instagram bot script not recognizing that I have pycurl installed. That is, assuming ive installed it correctly. So a better question would be, whats the correct way to install pycurl so that python/ the instagrambot scrip can read it correctly.

    • Joshua permalink

      (*) excuse my typo’s

      • Hey Joshua can you show me how you got it working? I still can’t figure out how to install pycurl and all it’s confusing to me

  22. Cranklin you should try making something for twitter like for follows or retweets?

  23. Cranklin you should make a twitter bot or something to get followers or retweets

    • aren’t there a lot of those around?

      • Yes but the cost to much and give you fake accounts I want REAL Followers and Retweets like this bot!

      • Okay. I’ll take a look a the existing twitter bots and see if we can improve on them (and make them free)

  24. How could I use this without being suspended?

  25. Eric permalink

    Where would you put the 20 second delay in to prevent being suspended? I’m kinda paranoid about this and I don’t want to re-create my account.

    • Eric, inside the like method, you can add a sleep within one of the main loops to slow it down.

  26. Thanks cranklin you are the best out there man! Also can I talk to you buy gmail chat or Live messenger I need to speak in private.

    • I don’t use gmail chat or live messenger, but you can add me on facebook. My facebook username is “cranklin”

  27. Can you do a tutorial on how to install the bot I still haven’t got it running 😦

  28. I’m getting this error and pycurl and python 2.7 are installed?

  29. Now I’m not getting errors when I hit run it just pops up the python shell and says restart? When I try exiting it it says its running?

  30. littlebigcesar permalink

    I get this? [Errno 2] No such file or directory

  31. So like this for example: Desktop/Instagrambot/

  32. I enter that and it’s just blank but when I try exiting it it says its running?

  33. I got it running finally yay! The problem was my account info was typed in incorrect! lol

  34. How can I make it like multiple tags? It’s only liking the first one which is #love

  35. It seems to only like “love” and go into a stage where it just sleeps for around an hour. Any ideas?

    • I suggest using more targeted hashtags. The list of hashtags in the script are the most commonly used hashtags on instagram. Therefore, it will take a while to go through the entire list.

  36. awesome script.. been looking all over for something like this.. now i need to learn how to follow people

  37. I had a 64 bit Windows computer running windows 7. I downloaded Active Python, Python Interactive Shell and IDLE(Python GUI). I have no clue about any code in python but i have a little experience with C#. When i open the .py file and click to run it, it says invalid syntax, and they only part of the code i have changed is put my username and password in. Any clue where i’m going wrong?

  38. Max P permalink

    Hello Cranklin, I would like to talk business with you , I have attached my e-mail to this comment box. Contact me when you are free. Thanks.

  39. It all sounded good until you got greedy!

  40. Osh permalink

    Could you make a video tutorial on how to use this with Mac?

    • Osh, I haven’t tried this on a Mac but there are others that have done so successfully. I’ll try to get a Mac-based tutorial out soon.

      • Osh permalink

        That would be much appreciated

  41. thank you so much for making this available!!! i tried to figure this out without having to ask any questions but alas, my noobiness prevails 😦 if you could take a second to look at this screen shot and help a sister out it would be much appreciated. im sure it’s a simple mistake but i can’t seem to figure it out. should i get a different version of python?

    • Hey Nikki! have you tried running:
      python /Users/Nikki/Desktop/instagrambot/
      I looked at your screenshot. Remember, OSX is case sensitive!

      • ahh i didnt realize it was case sensitive. i pasted what you wrote and it’s still giving me the invalid syntax error. :/

      • i stopped getting the syntax error, now i’m just getting
        -bash: /Users/Nikki/Desktop/instagrambot/ Permission denied
        Nikkis-MacBook-Pro:~ Nikki$


      • Permission settings? try going to that folder and changing permissions and running again:
        cd /Users/Nikki/Desktop/instagrambot/
        chmod 755

  42. thank you again!

  43. Nick permalink

    got this message please help!
    error: (60, ‘SSL certificate problem, verify that the CA cert is OK. Details:\nerror:14090086:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE:certificate verify failed’)

  44. Max permalink

    Hey Cranklin. I love your work!
    I’ve used your poke-back bot for facebook and havin a ton of fun with that. Haha.
    I only had one question:
    So for your instagram bot (the one that likes tons of pictures), I was wondering how I could reduce the time between photo likes? cause it likes them really fast, and i’m unable to like them anymore.
    So if you could tell me how, That’d be awesome. I’m gonna try to figure it out myself, but I have never scripted in python.

  45. Nick permalink


  46. Max permalink

    I did that, but it didn’t seem to work for some reason.

  47. Max permalink

    Oh my mistake! lmao i thought it was time.sleep(minutes) and was doing time.sleep(0.15). Well damn. Thanks Nick.

    You’re awesome crankling and nick

  48. John permalink

    This bot works wonders, I am no such devolper but have gotten this bot to work on mac with no problem using the pre-installed python 2.7. Just wonder at which line number you would put the time.sleep(20). As i know close to nothing about code i keep getting invalid indentation at my best guesses.

    • Max permalink

      @John, look here, I inserted time.sleep(8).
      line #
      131 if postData == ”'{“status”:”OK”,”message”:”LIKED”}”’:
      132 likecount += 1
      133 print “You liked #”+tag+” image “+imageid+”! Like count: “+str(likecount)
      134 repeat = False
      135 sleepcount = 1
      136 time.sleep(8)

  49. John permalink

    got it. What do you think the optimal break time would be to get this. still getting rated at 8 second breaks. And how many times would you have to get rated before your account is suspended?

    • Max permalink

      So far I’ve gone about 900 likes without the error message popping up. I’d say I could run it for about 5 hours and then turn it off just for safety ( with 8 second intervals). Obviously it’s up to you. This bot has a built in function to stop liking things once your account has been marked. SO it’s pretty safe I’d say. But don’t over-do it! Turn it off everynow and then

      • Im getting rated at 13 photos… How are you getting to 900?

      • Hey Eugene, honestly it’s pretty random. Sometimes it takes longer for you to get rate limited. Other times its short.

  50. John permalink

    @max im getting to about 400 before I go to review. and ive implemented a 2min pause. Still thinking about changing the break to more then 8 or 9 seconds. also thinking if we implemented a code to switch tags after 100 or so likes it would prevent that

    • Max permalink

      Okay, up to you. Yeah I like to keep the break for each like at about 8. Works fine for me. πŸ™‚ just hit over 1k likes. I’m sure there are pauses every now and then but I don’t really check/notice.
      here is my code that I changed

      81 def like():
      82 likecount = 0
      83 sleepcount = 1

      131 if postData == ”'{“status”:”OK”,”message”:”LIKED”}”’:
      132 likecount += 1
      133 print “You liked #”+tag+” image “+imageid+”! Like count: “+str(likecount)
      134 repeat = False
      135 sleepcount = 1
      136 time.sleep(8)
      138 else:
      139 sleepcount += 0.5
      140 print “Your account has been rated. sleeping for “+tag+” for “+str(sleepcount)+” minute(s). Liked “+str(likecount)+” photo(s)…”
      141 time.sleep(60)

      Works awesome. Try it out!
      I find that #love has a lot more reviewing than the other tags, as it’s probably the highest monitored tag by facebook (since it’s’ the most popular). If you remove that, you should have less trouble with pauses πŸ™‚

  51. John permalink

    using that code as we speak seems to be working pretty good. what about a 5-15 minute pause between ever 200 likes.
    just trying to make sure i dont get banned lol

    • As for my account getting banned, I also suspect the possibility that I may have excessively “liked” an instagram employee’s photos since I was hunting hashtags such as “hacker” “raspberrypi” “engineering” “robotics” “arduino”, etc…

  52. John permalink

    or a code to refresh the page so that you are liking the newest content and engaging active users rather then old content

  53. John permalink

    Ive decided to run multiple terminal pages with different tags and much longer delays. Im still averaging about an 8 second delay but i can cover more new content and get my account rated less. Unfortunately i know 0 about coding 😦

    • That’s good! You still managed to figure out a way to make the software work for you.

    • Max permalink

      Awesome, good job john.
      Here’s what I did to sleep for 5 minutes after 200 likes John:
      I’m not sure if this is the best way, but it seems to work for me. I don’t know python and I’m just learning as I go. πŸ™‚

      131 if postData == ”'{“status”:”OK”,”message”:”LIKED”}”’:
      132 likecount += 1
      133 print “You liked #”+tag+” image “+imageid+”! Like count: “+s
      134 repeat = False
      135 sleepcount = 1
      136 time.sleep(8)
      137 if likecount == 200 #NEW
      138 print “Sleeping after 5 likes for 5 minutes” #NEW
      139 time.sleep(300) #NEW
      140 likecount = 0 #NEW
      141 else:
      142 sleepcount += 0.5
      143 print “Your account has been rated. sleeping for “+tag+” for
      144 time.sleep(60)

      Let me know how that works for you man

  54. Max permalink

    Yup it works! πŸ˜€

    • Maz permalink

      Hey Max,

      Do I just copy and paste that in to the .py file?

  55. Sharleen permalink

    Im sorry, I have no idea what I’m doing haha! I downloaded the python thing and copied the code in.. Now what do I do?

  56. billy permalink

    how do i install it? please help do u have a video?

  57. BuJasim permalink

    so to avoid the disbale .. shall i do it for hours only every day ?

  58. Charlie permalink

    Hi Cranklin, I am new to this thing. I am running Windows and installed Py 3.3. I downloaded pycurl, but I don’t know how to install it. Do you mind giving me some help? Thanks in advance.

    • Charlie permalink

      I now installed Py 2.6.6. and get this error message:
      Traceback (most recent call last):
      File “C:\Users\Charlie\Downloads\Instagram-Bot-master\Instagram-Bot-master\”, line 3, in
      import pycurl
      ImportError: No module named pycurl

      Any idea how to install pycurl?

  59. Charlie permalink

    I am getting better. However, I am getting this message:
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “C:\Users\Charlie\Downloads\Instagram-Bot-master\Instagram-Bot-master\”, line 146, in
    File “C:\Users\Charlie\Downloads\Instagram-Bot-master\Instagram-Bot-master\”, line 142, in main
    File “C:\Users\Charlie\Downloads\Instagram-Bot-master\Instagram-Bot-master\”, line 47, in login
    error: (60, ‘SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate’)

    Any idea?

    • I can’t help you since I don’t have windows. Try googling the error message.

    • Jose permalink

      I am having the same exact issue on Windows. Any ideas?

  60. Max permalink

    Hey guys, a lot of you want to know how to run python scripts on windows. This is probably the easiest method:

    Step 1 – install python from has Windows binaries.

    Step 2 – make sure python.exe is in your path. You can edit your path
    by right-clicking on “My computer” and following your nose.

    Step 3 – get a command shell (eg, Start->Run->”cmd”). cd to the
    directory where your script is and type “python [scriptname]”.

    (You can also double-click on the script name in Windows Explorer)

    Finally, if you’re accustomed to unix, you might like to install
    Cygwin ( It gives you a bash shell in Windows.

  61. JoshTosh permalink

    This is is unreal! Amazing. Someone should make a tutorial video for MacBook users and save the day! I’m hoping one comes along soon. Still getting the same error, and it’s a user error for sure

    • What is the error?

      • Josh permalink

        Now I’m getting a whole new string of errors.
        This is related to the installation of pycurl. Im not sure if im doing it correctly, should I do something other than open the file provided by pycurl?
        This is related to the actual instagram bot script not recognizing that I have pycurl installed. That is, assuming ive installed it correctly. So a better question would be, whats the correct way to install pycurl so that python/ the instagrambot scrip can read it correctly.

      • You should probably change your password and mask it next time. It is exposed in your screenshots.
        Have you tried searching google on how to install pycurl?

      • Joshua permalink

        Yes, I have. I don’t wanna bother anyone with tedious help for someone who know minimal about pycurl or python & how they work. I change my password often, thank you for the concern!

      • Joshua, are you running it from your terminal? you’re not just double clicking the script, right?

      • Joshua permalink

        Don’t mind my typos. Currently operating from my iPhone :/.

        What I was trying to express is that I don’t wish to waste anyone’s time. I’m sure you have more important things to do haha. Cheers tho! I love your work! Keep it up!

      • I don’t mind at all. Sorry I’m not as responsive as I would like to be. I’m curious myself. It appears others have come across similar problems.

      • Joshua permalink

        Hahah yes I am running it through terminal. That made me chuckle.

      • Joshua permalink

        Not to worry, we are all busy in our own way! I’ll give it a fresh mind tomorrow, try it again and get back. I’ve been following up on this thread, and it seems I’m not the only one experiencing issues with Mac. I’ll do more reading on python and pycurl and keep you posted. Thanks again.

      • Try running:
        sudo pip install pycurl

  62. billy permalink

    cranklin i have a macbook but dont know how to run this stuff could u please help me out thnx alot bro

    • Do you have python installed on your mac? Make sure you install python, then install pycurl.
      Once you have that done, you can simply run:
      from the command line.

  63. how i can use it from mac?

    • Do you have python installed on your mac? Make sure you install python, then install pycurl.
      Once you have that done, you can simply run:
      from the command line.

  64. Jose permalink

    Any help with this error in Windows? I feel I am getting close.

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “C:\Users\Default.HP\Downloads\Instagram-Bot-master\Instagram-Bot-master\”, line 146, in
    File “C:\Users\Default.HP\Downloads\Instagram-Bot-master\Instagram-Bot-master\”, line 142, in main
    File “C:\Users\Default.HP\Downloads\Instagram-Bot-master\Instagram-Bot-master\”, line 47, in login
    error: (60, ‘SSL certificate problem, verify that the CA cert is OK. Details:\nerror:14090086:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE:certificate verify failed’)

  65. I Got installed pyhton… i got my script modifyed… im not sure how to run it at all…
    From IDLE. from launcher, or from where?

  66. “””Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/Users/Joe_uh/Documents/joe_uh”, line 2, in
    import pycurl
    ImportError: No module named pycurl””””””

    this is what it tells me

    • Jose permalink

      I had your issue at first as well. You need pycurl module for python. There is a link in the comments or google pycurl.

      I hope someone will chime in soon with a response to my error 60 SSL certificate problem.

      Thank you Cranklin for this bot just hope I can get it running soon.

  67. Charlie permalink

    Hi Cranklin,

    Thanks for putting together this bot. Question. I installed Phython 2.5 with Pyculr for 2.5. Are these the right versions? I keep getting the SSL error message. I don’t know how to set off the certicates.

  68. Charlie permalink

    Craklin, you are a genious and generous dude. Thanks a lot for writing this script. If you are getting a SSL error, insert these two lines:

    c.setopt(pycurl.SSL_VERIFYPEER, 0)
    c.setopt(pycurl.SSL_VERIFYHOST, 0)

  69. Charlie permalink


    Great bot. Question about the loop once we get rated. Does it go to sleep for 60 seconds and then restarts? If I got the print out that reads that my account has been rated 15 times, does it mean it was rated 15 times or that the script went into the loop 15 times waiting to resume? I

    • When your account gets rate limited, the bot sleeps for a minute and tries again. It will keep trying until the rate limit has been lifted. It doesn’t mean it was rated 15 times. πŸ™‚

  70. shahar permalink

    Hi Cranklin thanks!!!
    For all of those who want to run this script on windows i add link to working script, with the help of Charlie!!!

    • Thank you Shahar and Charlie… That should be helpful for a lot of people experiencing ssl cert errors.

    • I updated and uploaded the instagram bot to v1.0. I listened to some of your suggestions and implemented them. Thanks guys!

  71. Charlie permalink


    The bot is working perfectly on Windows. Thanks a lot for putting this script together.

    One question for you. I am using only one hashtag because it does not jump to the next one. What code should we insert to set/limit (for example) to 50 likes for hashtag#1 and then jump to hashtag#2 in the list?

    • Hey Charlie, there are a couple ways to go about this. One simple way is to maintain another integer variable (hashtaglikes = 0 after for tag in hashtags:). Increment this variable after each iteration (hashtaglikes += 1 after likecount += 1) then add check if your count surpasses 50 for each hashtag (if hashtaglikes >= 50: break somewhere in the main while loop).

  72. tristan permalink

    Follow me: @get_on_my_level23

  73. Hi Craklin,

    Nice script.. but im a bit worried if i wanna run this script in f.example screen and detach it and like stuff as #art #photography and stuff like that im afraid to get banned if im not adding a delay between every like my bot performs. How can i add a sleep count of lets say 30 seconds between each like ? i know there is a sleep count of 60 seconds at the end of the script. but thats after the bot have done all the likes i guess ?


    • Hi Thomas, if you scroll up through the comments, some of the other users have modified the source code to sleep x number of seconds between each like. πŸ™‚

  74. Charlie permalink

    Hi Cranklin,

    I added code to max the limit of hashtags as you requested. It worked out great. Thanks for the help. Your script works great.

    Since I am not familiar with python, do you have an easy way to write a txt file with a copy of the “print” report? Once the bot finishes, I would like to see what it did. I am running the script just for a limited number of hashtags, after that limit is reached, I put a break. So, when I get back to my pc, the cmd line is gone and I have no summary of what happened. I am just being conservative. I don’t want to get banned as our leader (Cranklin) did, hahaha.

    • Hey Charlie, that’s a great idea! It shouldn’t be too hard. I should upload an updated version with text file logging implemented.

    • Peter permalink

      Hi Charlie, how did you managed to get this working ? I would really appreciate an answer.

    • I updated and uploaded the instagram bot to v1.0. I listened to some of your suggestions and implemented them. Thanks guys!

  75. amir permalink

    hey i have a mac and i downloaded python opened the launcher but i have no clue how to use it. i’m also not sure if pycurl downloaded correctly because when i try to open it it tries to load then just closes. i saw that you said just type in in the command line but in python i cant trype anything in on the command line. im so lost can you please help?

    • Amir, you would need to be in the terminal and go to the folder where you downloaded the file. From there, you run “python”

  76. I have python 2.7.3
    I have pycurl 7.19.0

    Now everytime I run pycurl trying to install it, it says no command…

    • NVM figured it out… took me forever! lol

      • Now I am getting this…

        Kingpin:Desktop KingPin$ chmod 755
        Kingpin:Desktop KingPin$ python
        /Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.7/Resources/ can’t open file ‘’: [Errno 2] No such file or directory
        Kingpin:Desktop KingPin$ python
        File “”, line 4

        SyntaxError: invalid syntax
        Kingpin:Desktop KingPin$

  77. Oh WOW I figured it out Thanks Bro. I learned a skill today for sure!

  78. Selling xgram Fixed (image upload and account creator working) and instaget PRO… All are private releases if interested add me on skype: ilovemegan93 i can show them in action!

  79. Hello Cranklin,

    First of all, great job! It works like a charm. I have one question for you. I’ve created another account to run some tests. On my personal account, I always use the top 100 hashtags to get some likes. I get between 60 and 90 likes. Now, I’ve tried this on the test account. I got 0 likes, just like my photo doesn’t appear in Instagram’s feed.

    Do you have any idea how this is possible?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Max permalink

      This Could be because
      1) Your test account doesn’t have any photos
      2) Your test acccount’s photo privacy is set to Private, not public.

      • janssensjonas permalink

        Hi Max,

        Thanks for your reply! My test account does have 3 photos and is set to public. Maybe Instagram only allows hashtags for accounts older than X days to prevent spam. I’ll give it another try in a week. Your replies here were very useful to personalise my bot. Do you perhaps know how I can switch to another hashtag after the bot has liked eg 50 photos from hashtag #1? I’ve seen Cranklin’s reply to someone with exact the same question, but somehow it doesn’t work for me.

        Thanks in advance, Max!

      • I updated and uploaded the instagram bot to v1.0. I listened to some of your suggestions and implemented them. Thanks guys!

    • Awesome Jonas. On your test account, did you authorize the webstagram app? You need to log into webstagram with that account at least once before running the app.

      • Hi Cranklin. Yes, I did. It does what it’s supposed to do, like the images with the hashtag I specify. As I said in my previous reply; perhaps Instagram only allows to use hashtags when your account is older than X days/weeks to prevent spam. I’ll give it another shot soon and let you know.

        I have only one question left. In one of your replies you explained how to jump from one hashtag to the other.

        “One simple way is to maintain another integer variable (hashtaglikes = 0 after for tag in hashtags:). Increment this variable after each iteration (hashtaglikes += 1 after likecount += 1) then add check if your count surpasses 50 for each hashtag (if hashtaglikes >= 50: break somewhere in the main while loop).”

        For some reason, this doesn’t seem to work for me. Any other solutions?

        Thanks and keep up the good job!

      • Ahh got it. As for jumping hashtags, I think I should probably amend the source code in github so that users have an option to do that if they like.

  80. That would be great!

  81. Brian permalink

    I downloaded the updated windows script that someone posted above. Works great, account got rated after 37 likes. I set the sleep to 10 and the rated sleep to 360.

    My question is, how many likes does it execute before moving on to the next hash tag?

    • I believe you’re setting the wrong sleep count… or you are placing the sleep command in the wrong loop

    • The way it is, it keeps liking all photos within the same hashtag until it exhausts all the photos tagged with that hashtag before moving on to the next

  82. Brian permalink

    I also noticed that setting the sleepcount doesnt change anything, it still likes images about every second. I tried to change it everywhere it says to and still not change. Any suggestions?

  83. Hi Cranklin. Update: I’m getting likes again. Apparently you have to connect a Facebook account to get your hashtags shown in Instagram’s feed.

    • Oh I see what you were trying to do. I think I misunderstood your original question.

  84. Brian permalink

    Hey cranklin, Did you ever get a chance to amend the source code to allow a limited number of likes per hash tag?
    I know limited php, and I thought the only way to do a like limit would be to create a new loop and add in the hashtaglike count. Since I dont know python, it was too large of a task for me to handle.

  85. Nathan permalink

    Hey this is amazing, does it still work, i keep getting a invalid syntax error

    • Nathan, do you have specific error messages?

      • Yagel permalink

        its not spam cranklin
        i tried your facebook but u didnt answer :\
        contact my mail and will talk πŸ˜€

      • strange, I don’t recall getting a facebook message from you.

  86. Yagel permalink

    Hey Cranklin i cant compile this one
    im working on a huge profit project about instagram and I know all the needs just need your help if youd like to help me please send me an Email to
    Yagelbulk71 at gmail dot com

    Thanks !!

    • Yagel, I’m not sure if this is SPAM or not, but if you reply to me and tell me a little more about the project, I will happily email you.

  87. Hey Cranklin!

    I’m a graphic/web designer. I’m interested in designing a GUI for the bot to make it more user friendly. I have little experience in development and none in python. However, if I could design something and you develop it using your script, it could be a huge success!

    Any chance you might be interested?

    I would like to speak more to you about the idea as well.



    • Yo Dan contact me at
      Im working on an online instagram bot service
      Maybe we can work together if intersted
      Mail me

    • Hi Dan, thank you for your interest in the bot and wanting to work with me. Unfortunately, my hands are completely full with work due to overwhelming consulting gigs. (booked for about 5-6 months). Yagel seems to be interested in working on a for-profit project as well. You may want to speak to him.

  88. Yagel permalink

    I asked Dan to contact me ,we want the same thing
    if Dan will agree I have no problem cooperating just need help on your python bot πŸ˜€
    I know your name is Eddie I messaged Dan πŸ˜€
    Eddie :
    hope if youll have any free time to help you could of contact me
    Best regards
    Yagel Bulk .

    • lol, sorry Yagel. I realized afterwards.
      That’s awesome. I hope you guys can work something out!

  89. Jejo permalink

    Can you please give me a list of steps to downloading or even make a bot of my own please? If it’s not too much

  90. I updated and uploaded the instagram bot to v1.0. I listened to some of your suggestions and implemented them. Thanks guys!

    • Peter permalink

      Hi cranklin,

      thanks for keeping it up to date, I tried the older release, and it worked for me. Just downloaded the new one, about to give it a try. I’ll give feedbacks soon πŸ™‚

      • Peter permalink

        Ok. “There’s an error in your program: expected an indented block”
        Then it highlights the word “repeat” (ln169) in red.
        I have Python 2.7 installed, pycurl also.

        Next question, in the instructions you say “edit between lines 33 and 48”. What am I supposed to edit there ? πŸ™‚

        Thank you very much !

      • ahh! Thank you Peter. For some reason, I missed a line in the git commit version. I re-uploaded to git. Please try again!

        For lines 33-48, that just includes your username, password, if you want it to sleep between likes (the number of seconds to sleep), if you want it to jump to the next hashtag after a certain number of likes, and of course the hashtags you’d like to pursue.

      • ahh Peter, you found another issue. I miswrote the line numbers to edit. It should have read “edit between lines 42 and 52”. I fixed it and uploaded it. Thank you Peter!

  91. Peter permalink

    Cranklin, you’re the best !

    It works like a charm, it evens switches to the next hashtag in the list !
    Thought I hope it loops when it reaches the last hashtag.. Lets see, I’m gonna let it run for an hour, an give you feedback again.

    Sorry for my lame english, and thank you very, very much ! πŸ™‚

    • ahh, I didn’t make it loop after the final hashtag. Perhaps that should be a feature as well.
      Thank you for your help Peter.

      • Peter permalink

        Yep, this would be awesome. πŸ˜€

  92. Peter permalink

    And of course thanks to all the other guys in the comments who helped you get this amazing thing to work. πŸ˜‰

  93. Peter permalink

    Ok I should stop spamming the comments.. But what’s with the rate limit ? Can we like ignore it ?

    For example, my account is getting rated, the bot stops for 3 minutes, and then starts again, ignoring the rating. Would this be possible, and maybe too risky ? πŸ˜›

    • haha. unfortunately, it’s not the bot that’s rate limiting you, it’s the instagram API that’s rate limiting you. When it rate limits you, the bot simply waits and tries again.

      • Peter permalink

        Oh, I see. Damn you, Instagram.. Ok I’ve been 24min rate limited for now, and waiting. haha

        For the hashtags loop, I fixed it by copy and paste the hastag lists one to another. It’s basic, but, well, it works πŸ˜€

      • Peter permalink

        One other thing, after using it for a few days now πŸ™‚

        It works great, BUT : Let’s say I liked 2000 pictures, my account got rated about 10 times meanwhile, but it always started liking again. But there’s this one time it gets rated, and then sleeps for infiniti minutes, so that I have to kill it and start it again.

        Any idea ?

      • I do have some ideas but it would require some major changes.

  94. Peter permalink

    If you need any help let me know !
    I’m not that good at programming, but genius at helping out ! πŸ™‚

  95. Yagel permalink

    Yo guys @everyone if anyone got this bot to work and can explain me id be very glad !
    feel free to email me , any answer \ question will be great!

    • shahar permalink

      look for my post and download the the file from my dropbox
      it might work for you

      it will help if you write what kind of error you getting

  96. Peter permalink

    Hi cranklin, today the bot’s not working anymore.
    Here’s the message the terminal returns :

    “imac-peter:~ Peter$ /Users/Peter/Desktop/Instagram-Bot-master/
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/Users/Peter/Desktop/Instagram-Bot-master/”, line 212, in
    File “/Users/Peter/Desktop/Instagram-Bot-master/”, line 208, in main
    File “/Users/Peter/Desktop/Instagram-Bot-master/”, line 89, in login
    c.setopt(pycurl.URL, instagramlink[0])
    IndexError: list index out of range”

    Any Idea ? πŸ™‚

    • Sorry for the late reply. I have been crazy busy. Does it work now?

      • user8383 permalink

        I am having the same issue. Not sure why all of a sudden this came up. It was working for a long while then this happened with no changes.

    • user8383 permalink

      The IndexError is probably because your IP being banned by webstagram. Webstagram is showing a “banned IP” page instead of resolving to the regular content, so the script throws an error.

  97. Fu Jay permalink

    Sometimes the error messages comes up “Couldn’t resolve host ‘”

    • That sounds to me like a DNS or internet connection issue. If that happens, make sure your internet connection is working and try again.

  98. mikesyoonichael permalink

    Hi, could someone modify the code so that the bot can (1) search under specific hashtag (2) leave random comments to the search results from a txt file containing comments (3) run from Windows 7 OS. I am willing to make a donation for a working product. I don’t have any knowledge in programming. Thanks!

    • Those are actually excellent suggestions and I will try to implement those for the next version.

  99. Juan permalink

    This is awesome, instructions couldn’t be clearer!

  100. oopsmessedup permalink

    Works awesome. I made a list of the top 2000 hashtags and I have it randomly pull 6 from the list. Then i have it on a delay + random delay so hopefully instagram won’t find it as fast. Thank you for doing the hard part. It works great. Thank you for you code.

  101. joeyM permalink

    hey there,

    I downloaded pycurl 2.7 and downloaded python.

    I have mac OSx 10.7

    I’m not sure how to install Pycurl .. I couldn’t find any setup method in the folder I downloaded.

    help me pllz πŸ™‚

  102. very good job cranklin! but i have a problem! i choose only one hashtag, the code works fine, but at a certain moment the execution ends without finishing the entire list of photos. e.g. the hashtag contains 1000 pictures and the algorithm exits after the 700th with a message of exit “code #0”
    i have modified the code to simulate a random daily activity but the problem of the premature exit with code #0 remains.

    • Hi Gio. It might be an issue with webstagram. They may not supply 1000 pictures for you to like even if there exists 1000 photos containing that hashtag?

      • ok, i don’t understand very well what you told me, sorry for my english.. anyway do you have some kind of solution?
        Given the fact that you are so helpful and kind i have another question:
        i don’t understand very well how this code works, e.g. put you have this series of pictures in an hashtag:

        not liked
        not liked
        not liked

        not liked


        not liked
        not liked

        So we have a three series: the first of not liked pictures, the second of already liked pictures, and the last of not liked pictures. If i run the algorithm when it finish to like the first tranche, does it go directly to the third one? It’s seems a stupid question, you can say :” make some case test”, i did! but if the tranche are very large, i’m not sure of the behaviour of the code. I try to analyse the code rows but i can’t understand. Thank you very much for your time, greetings

  103. Matteo Hoeren permalink

    Hey cranklin!
    this bot is really amazing i think but one problem.
    if i try to run the bot through terminal it says error on line 60. i would love to run the bot on my raspberry pi :))


    (sry for my bad english, i’m 14 years old and from germany :D)

  104. Vlad permalink

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “C:/Python27/j”, line 145, in
    File “C:/Python27/j”, line 141, in main
    File “C:/Python27/j”, line 46, in login
    error: (60, ‘SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate’)


    Anyone know how to solve this problem? Thanks in advance.

  105. Hey Cranklin, bots great, been using it off and on for months. You ever think about making a like bot for Tumblr? I am pretty sure it can be done with python, but I am no programmer, I just know its similar to instagram: and you can like them like that.
    If you ever think about it let me know!

  106. Hey Cranklin,

    Thank you for this bot !
    I face some difficulties using it though. I installed python & the pycurl lib
    but when i run the .py… nothing happens.. the program runs but i don’t see any : you liked image XXXXXX

    What should i do ?

  107. Hey cranklin, can I pay you for your time to walk me through the installation process on skype or something. Im really new to this process and language and cannot for the life of me figure this out. Feel free to email me at

  108. ChaiPang permalink

    This works awesomely thanks bro πŸ˜‰ keep it up
    ps: i hope i dont get banned lol

  109. alex permalink

    Hey! Been playing with this a bunch and it works quite well. Something I’ve notice is that the rate limiting is directly correlated to the hash tags and not the rate (i think!). So for example I can run 10 instances of the script that like ten separate hashes every 60 seconds and never get rate limited. Unfortunately python is new to me so I’m having a bit of difficulty coding this to like one hash tag from the list, move to the next, then the next etc. and repeat! Any ideas would be awesome thanks dude!

    • Hey Alex, really? Can you explain? If you found a way to prevent rate limiting, I will apply a fix asap.

      • alex permalink

        So i would not say it completely prevents rate limiting, but it helps! So instead of liking 500 of tag a, then 500 of tag b, 500 tag c, etc., it may be more prudent to like one of tag a, one of tag b, one of tag c, etc. and then go to the beginning of the list again 500 times. I have found that running 5-10 instances of the script with separate tags and ~60 second delay on each tag pretty much will never get rated, sometimes some tags do but the other tags can keep chugging away.

        so to sum it up:

        instead of

        like 500 x a, 500 x b, etc.

        make the script run

        like 1 x a, 1 x b, 1 x c

        I’d edit the script to but I really can’t figure it out

        ALSO on a completely different note: was wondering what you think of this … a way to make a web based version of the script run. I’m sure there is a better way to go about it but I’m a real beginner of a coder and kind of hacked it together.

        So a php form writes in domain/cgi-bin

        username = “xxxxxxxxxx”
        password = “yyyyyyyy”
        tag = “taco”
        limit = 666

        and then I changed the script a bit to grab the info

        import os
        import pycurl
        import cStringIO
        import re
        import random
        import time
        from info import username, password, tag, limit

        ##### EDIT THESE BELOW

        # your instagram username and password
        username = (username)
        password = (password)

        #set a sleep timer between each like. Set value to 0 if you don’t want it to sleep at all
        sleeptimer = 0

        #set a like limit per hashtag. Set value to 0 if you don’t want a limit
        hashtaglikelimit = (limit)

        #your list of hashtags
        hashtags = [(tag)]

        and then

        if postData == ”'{“status”:”OK”,”message”:”LIKED”}”’:
        likecount += 1
        hashtaglikes += 1
        print “Content-type: text/html”
        print “”
        print “”
        print “”
        print “You liked #”+tag+” image “+imageid+”! Like count: “+str(likecount)
        print “”

        SO then the user can click a button and run the script on their browser (I wrote it so I can do it from my phone if I’m not by my PC)

        It’s hacky, not secure, perfect or fast but it gets the job done. Any resources you could suggest to going about this in a more, erm, professional way?

        Thanks πŸ˜€

  110. Hi cranklin, i was wondering when the auto-comment version would be available ? (you mentionned you’d try to implement it in a previous comment) What’s the status here ?
    Thanks a lot for your great work !!!
    cheers πŸ˜‰

    • Hi, I am so sorry. I have been swamped with work, but I will release an update asap!

  111. Great ! it would be awesome if this new version would allow us to randomly select a “comment” among a list we’d determine prior running the bot πŸ˜‰ and the best would be to prevent the bot to comment twice the same comment on 2 pics of the same users.


    Thanks in advance for this new release ! the first one was just perfect … can’t wait for the auto-comment one πŸ˜‰

  112. Roy verret permalink

    A everyone please just follow me right now @R_A_V_flyboy I will follow back so thanks

  113. Jason permalink

    Hi there. I install pycurl and am running Python 2.7.2. If I try to run the file my terminal switches to python and nothing happens. It just gives me a prompt on the next line and nothing I type does anything. Any ides? Thanks!

  114. Jason permalink

    NM, I believe it’s working now haha. Thank you

  115. Fadi permalink

    Hey Cranklin!
    I’ve used your instagram bot for quite a while and was experiencing the problem of list index out of range when installing on cmd. So I decided to just open by double clicking it. It worked!! But now it likes 3 pictures and I get rated!? It says will sleep for x minutes and just keeps on sleeping. I’m not a computer genius but I thought that rated would happen if I like billions of pictures.

  116. Its like you learn my mind! You seem to know so
    much approximately this, such as you wrote
    the e book in it or something. I think that you just
    can do with a few percent to power the message house a little bit, however instead of that, that is excellent blog.
    A fantastic read. I’ll certainly be back.

  117. Marian C permalink

    Hey I just wanted to say that what @alex says really helps. I started three different sessions of the script with different hashtags and different timers like so: 13 seconds for the first, 9 seconds the second, and 8 seconds the third. And it seems to work really fine for now. Before having three sessions I got the message that I was rate limited, especially for the most popular hashtags.

    • Marian C permalink

      UPDATE: I did get the rate limit after some time, also Instagram has automatically reset my password. I was kinda scared at first, thinking they deleted my account. I’m still using the script now but not using so popular hashtags, have 2 sessions at once and the sleep timer between each like is 2 minutes. Also the like number for each tag is 49. I’ll let you know how it works.

  118. Fynno permalink

    Seems like nobody came to the idea to add a random time.sleep.
    I added a randint from 5 to 15. Works just fine!

    • Fynno permalink

      Well, you better go with something more! I got limited after a while.
      Put in the code after:
      if sleeptimer > 0:
      time.sleep(random.randint (8,20))

      • dibr permalink

        Thank you very much! Great fix!

  119. J-Dub permalink

    Could you do something for Vine as well?

  120. Jeff permalink

    Hey Cracklin,

    Just wanted to say thanks for making your source code available to others. I’ve been going through your code trying to figure out all the pyCURL stuff because I want to expand this program a little more with the ability to post photos via a folder my desktop. I think the hardest part i’m having is understanding what its doing when you right a buffer with:

    c.setopt(pycurl.WRITEFUNCTION, buf.write)

    and what buf = cStringIO.StringIO() is grabbing.

    Another thing I can’t figure out is the re.findall(…) calls you make. I get confused trying to figure out what part of the parameters are a token, and what is the actual text you are looking for.

    I’m hoping to at some point understand this so I can look at the source code of web.stagrams popular page and grab users from the comments of pictures.

    Thanks for your time.

  121. Excellent weblog right here! Also your web site loads up very
    fast! What host are you the usage of? Can I get your associate link in your host?
    I want my web site loaded up as fast as yours lol

  122. iRepair By BK permalink

    hey cracklin,

    I’m having trouble installing pycurl, it’s giving me this error:

    Searching for setuptools
    Best match: setuptools 0.6c12dev-r88846
    setuptools 0.6c12dev-r88846 is already the active version in easy-install.pth
    Installing easy_install script to /usr/local/bin
    Installing easy_install-2.7 script to /usr/local/bin

    Using /System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.7/Extras/lib/python
    Processing dependencies for setuptools
    Finished processing dependencies for setuptools
    Searching for pycurl==
    Best match: pycurl
    Processing pycurl-
    Running pycurl- -q bdist_egg –dist-dir /tmp/easy_install-ZD5FUm/pycurl-
    Using curl-config (libcurl 7.30.0)
    clang: error: unknown argument: ‘-mno-fused-madd’ [-Wunused-command-line-argument-hard-error-in-future]
    clang: note: this will be a hard error (cannot be downgraded to a warning) in the future
    error: Setup script exited with error: command ‘cc’ failed with exit status 1

    Any suggestions for what i should do?


  123. Martin permalink

    Hey Cracklin,
    excellent and simple bot.
    It seems that, web.stagram changed their login routine. Can someone take a look into that?

  124. J-Dub permalink

    Is there an update for the change to websta? Seems the script stopped working in the past couple of days due to an error that says the URL is malformed.

    • J.Henry permalink

      Haven’t had a chance to check out the new web.stgram login , but I will post my code when I get it working if no one else does first.

      • J-Dub permalink

        Let me know if you figure it out. I’m not sure how to change the URL structure and I think it all relates back to this line of code:

        clientid = re.findall(ur”href=\”https:\/\/\/oauth\/authorize\/\?client_id=([a-z0-9]*)&redirect_uri=http:\/\/\/&response_type=code&scope=likes\+comments\+relationships\”>LOG IN”,curlData)

  125. Fynno permalink

    It seems to me like there has changed a lot

  126. anyone fixed this error “pycurl.error: (3, ‘ malformed’)”

  127. hi, i have a problem with bot after web.stagram update

    root:~# python
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “”, line 242, in
    File “”, line 238, in main
    File “”, line 86, in login
    instagramLinkRequest = sendRequest(instagramLink[0], “prus.txt”, 1, “”, 0, 0)
    File “”, line 180, in sendRequest
    pycurl.error: (3, ‘ malformed’)

    maybe someone have a solution?

    • ricardo. permalink

      it would be nice if someone did. this was great.

  128. Hey guys,
    I spent some time afternoon going through web.stagram’s new layout and editted Cracklin’s bot to work again: You can find the file on my github:

    Apparently, their main page changed a bit so it was harder to get the csrfmiddlewaretoken required to login and liking images was no longer through a POST request but rather a GET request, so that’s what I updated in his code.

    • wow ! you is super great, thank you, it works fine. but one error, if i make hashtaglikelimit = 0 (unlimited), then have a mistake. you can check for yourself and will see

      • J.Henry permalink

        Thanks guys. I’ll look into the errors tomorrow. I keep updating the code on github, so check frequently. Currently testing multiple account functionality I added.

    • fynn permalink

      awesome! i had a technique added that skiped the tag when rate limited. that doesnt work anymore because tag is not defined.
      plase add that to the else clause on the end of Like()

      • Fynn, what do you mean skip the tag when rate limited?
        When you’re rate limited, you can’t like any images, i’m pretty sure, so skipping the tag to next one wouldn’t really help at all. I added the random time wait between images to avoid being rate limited, but I will look more into it.

        But if you really want it to do that, in that else statement, just call like() again. That will change the current tag its on and restart the likes with a new tag. Easy.

        Andrej, I fixed it. The new code on my github should work for unlimited like limit. Enjoy

  129. fynn permalink

    my geek of trust added that to the code! worked really well! There are two different ways of being ratelimited. the first one is on the specific tag, the second one is global (ca 15h that only happens after 1000 – 2000 pictures liked)

    so its a pretty cool thing to add, because you like more pictures -> no sleep! πŸ˜‰

    • J.Henry permalink

      Fynn, thanks for the info.! definitely add that adjustment to the code. On a side note, it appears my multiple account setup is working so I’ll have that updated on github in a little.

  130. fynn permalink

    heres a screenshot

    are you on twitter? follow me @fynnlehnert if you like!

  131. Tedy permalink

    Mine is skipping tags, any suggestions?

    • Marian permalink

      Tedy, it just takes them random

      • Tedy permalink

        If I have multiple tags it just list them down and skipp them. if I put one it works fine.

  132. J.Henry permalink

    Tedy, I’d have to see what you changed in the code to know whats going on. Did you only edit the hashtag array?

  133. J.Henry permalink

    Fynn, How did you determine whether it was a tag rate-limit vs an acount rate-limit. I would like to figure out how to differentiate so I can have it switch to the next account only if the current account is locked from liking. i’ll follow you on twitter later today.

    • heres some things i would add:
      1. stop (or skip to next account) when rate-limited on 3-5 Hashtags.
      2. show global like count.
      3. Stop bot at 800-1500 likes total.

      that would prevent you from getting “globally”rate-limited.

      • J.Henry permalink

        Fynn, today I actually added a counter for the number of failed likes then I have it change tags/accts when it reaches 20. I’ll add that global counter. I intend on adding more statistics, that will be printed out when the user quits or the acct becomes rate limited for the day.

  134. Brian permalink

    It seems to be a pattern for me. Like 2-3 photos then get Rate limited. Is there a way to make it wait in between each image like it was before. Didn’t really ever have issues with that last time. Plus remove the random tag, that is pretty annoying, I have specific tags I like it to run in a specific order. I did reduce the sleep time from 10 to 2 minutes.
    Thanks for all the hard work and dedication.

    • Fynn permalink

      Search in the like() part for rand.random…..(1,7) and change it to 8,20 (seconds)

  135. fynn permalink

    but i feel you!
    got the same problem.

  136. fynn permalink

    Okay this version of the bot isnt wroking for me anymore. Henry did you changed some stuff in the past? The bot isnt linking anything anymore

  137. fynn permalink

    oh you did, trying it out atm

  138. Sim permalink

    Hi, after running python I’m getting the following errors listed below:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “”, line 212, in
    File “”, line 208, in main
    File “”, line 99, in login

    please advise what to do next.


  139. Katrina permalink

    anyone have this error message Unable to log into with “password”

  140. shano permalink

    Any updates? this was the tits!

  141. Arvoitusmies permalink

    I facepalmed to the comments trying to get this working as a viable free bot and to you cranklin for helping them. Let the kids learn to use search engines!

  142. Nik permalink

    Hi Cranklin,
    I just wanted to ask if this bot still works or can be made to work?
    Thanks in advance! I really enjoyed reading this btw πŸ™‚

    • Nik permalink

      I tried it anyways tonight and got this error code:

      Traceback (most recent call last):
      File “/Users/Niklas/Desktop/Instagram-Bot-master/”, line 212, in
      File “/Users/Niklas/Desktop/Instagram-Bot-master/”, line 208, in main
      File “/Users/Niklas/Desktop/Instagram-Bot-master/”, line 99, in login
      error: (3, ‘ malformed’)

      I guess Insta’s API is just smart enough now?
      Or is there a simple mistake I’ve made?
      Again, thanks in advance!


  143. Zach permalink

    I’m impressed with your work! I like to program, and I was curious as to why I could be getting the error of

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “”, line 212, in
    File “”, line 208, in main
    File “”, line 99, in login
    pycurl.error: (3, ‘ malformed’)


    Thanks for your help!

  144. fynn permalink

    because ig changed their hole system. this bot does not work any more! he stopped supporting it.

  145. hello Cranklin,

    I am trying to run the on Windows. I have already installed pycurl and update it, but i get this issue

    i need help 😦

  146. Good post. I study one thing more challenging
    on completely different blogs everyday. It should always be stimulating to learn content from
    different writers. I’d desire to use some with the content on my blog
    whether you don’t mind. Natually I’ll offer you a hyperlink in your web blog.
    Thanks for sharing.

  147. Hit me up, I’ll hook you up with some awesome python bots.

  148. hello! visit new website for download instagram stories-

  149. axel permalink

    Hi, thanks for the great work.
    I have an error message : ‘Programs\Python\Python38-32\python.exe: can’t find ‘__main__’ module in ‘C:/Users/AB/Documents/Follow/Instagram-Bot”
    I missed something ?
    thanks !

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